Hurricane Harvey Rains Hit Celebrate Life

We are so thankful that our church and Sunday school building did not suffer as much damage as some.  However, there was extensive tear out and repairs that will have to be done.  We also have found that there will need to be work done to the foundation!  

We were blessed with about 15 people from our congregation the first day we could get to the property.  Then God sent a team of 11 from  Killeen First Church, led by there senior pastor, Rick Moore, and one from Cove Church to help.  Brian and Kimberly Graham even came to help us.  Brian assisted us with our worship program for several months recently.  Very many thanks to all.

There is still much to be done!   God is good and we thank Him for His grace and mercies.

Thank You Killeen First

Pastor Rick Moore (second row, left) from Killeen First Church of the Nazarene sent a team of 11 workers and one from Cove to help us.

Brian and Kimberly Graham (front row, left)